‘For me the feeling of being alone, might be one of the most horrible feelings’. (quote from one of the interviews) Studies have shown that people, from all different ages, are experiencing the feeling loneliness daily. Anne, who feels alone herself quickly as well, wanted to start an open conversation about this subject. ‘It’s a different feeling for everyone. For one the feeling of loneliness might come with loss, for others it might be because of a history of bullying and for another the feeling is connected with a low self-esteem’. It became clear to Anne while interviewing a variety of different people for this project, that the moment people felt most lonely is while having dinner on their own. It’s a moment to catch up with friends and family, to cook fancy and take care of yourself, but why would you cook a full meal for yours only? In ‘Tafelgesprek’ Anne tried to capture the feeling of having diner on your own.


Photo series

With the photography of broken plates Anne tried to capture the feeling of lonelyness while having diner on your own.