De Vlucht

When the people stay inside, nature steps outside.
The complicated relationship between human and nature is shown in the way the video and spoken word are presented. On the right side you can read the spoken word, which is talking about how the selfish human destructs nature for it’s own comfort, where on the left side an utophic video is shown about what nature could possible look like, if mankind wouldn’t stand in the way of nature fully developing. It’s not possible to look at both works at the same time, you have to choose between the side of the spoken word and the side of the utophic video. In this work Anne questions mankinds way of living and if we are able to change our ways of behavior in order to safe the environment.


Installation with video projection and spoken word

Publicated in ABRI-magazine 2020, instagram @abri.magazine, collaborationi exhibited at Academiegalerie (AG) Utrecht

While making a project about the pollution that comes with traveling and the consequences it has for natural areas, COVID-19 hit us. All of a sudden there were no flights going anymore, people stayed inside, while nature had the chance to step outside. When Anne read the news that in Wuhan, since many years, you can hear birds chirping again, she decided to change her project and make it about the complicated relationship between mankind and nature.

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