Verborgen Metgezel

The shadow is a projection of ourselves on the earth, it’s what connects us with the ground below us. The shadow represents the body but with different materials than the physical version. In this installation the viewer is invited to participate, to touch the shadow and to create new shadows. The participant influences the whole and becomes part of the shadow world. The transparency of some of the fabric represents the shadow that we can see. but through the opaque fabric the film becomes invisible. This represents the shadow and the aspect of self-reflection. The shadow can be a good mirror for self-reflection. What does your shadow look like? When observing yourself, are the fabrics torn up or is there healing and are the fabrics sewn together? Enter the shadow world and find out. 


Installation with video projection on fabrics

We‘re all familiar with the concept of our own shadow. It is a phenomenon that we no longer think about; it has become a normal aspect of our daily lives. However, if we immerse ourselves in the shadow and the wonders that take place around and below us, we’ll figure that there is so much we can learn from our own shadow.