Sand House

‘Sand House’ (2021) is a booklet where text and  book design meet each other and create a powerfull story about what it truly means to be human according to artist Maria Klaassen-Andrianova.

The booklet scetches the story of a women living in a house where sand keeps slowely dripping down from the seeling to the floor. This visualises the isolation the women finds herself in. Each day it gets harder to move or even get out of the house.

The booklet visualises this feeling of being stuck and not being able to see clear anymore by using really thin japanese rice paper. In the beginning of the booklet you can read the text without having to flip over a piece of rice paper, after that you might be able to read through the rice paper, later on you’ll not be able to read the text and even have to flip more than ten pages before being able to read the text.  


Hard-cover booklet

In collaboration: text written by Maria Klaassen-Andrianova, book design by Anne van den Ham