PLAY, PLAY, PLAY is a book series edited and designed by Anne van den Ham, considering the importance of playing. In these booklets she’ll give you more insights about what playing meant for us when we were younger. She collects different philosophical views on the broad concept of play, and is questioning if we’re still playing.

when we grow older, playing with friends becomes ‘hanging out’, and we find adults who still collect toys quite strange. It’s a shame and unnecessary that is seems like we lose the ability to play when we get older. Especially in this time where so many people are stressed and burned out it’s important to continue playing. This because play can help us to escape reality for a moment. Anne believes that through play, we can achieve ultimate freedom. In these booklets she dares you to explore what play can mean to you, and start playing some more!


Book series of five soft cover booklets

Exhibited at graduation show ‘A Gesture’ Kanaalweg 50, Utrecht 2022 (29/05-03/06)